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Union Brewery
A commission art work at Union Brewery in Skien, Norway. Three artists where invited: Alexander Rishaug, Marius Watz and Daniel Twang. The commission where produced by Atle Barcley and Springer Kulturstudio.

The sound installation where based on recordings from the brewing process, rearranged and processed. The compositions where divided in three parts and presented in three different rooms.

In the hallway you meet a stereo medley over sounds from the whole brewery and the brewing process.

Brewery hall
In the brewery hall there's a four speaker movement in sound. From concrete bobbles to abstract hiss, silent drones and digital bleeps.

Tap hall
Stereo pair of speakers on the balcony of the tap hall. Covering the sounds from shaking glass and acoustic spheres.

The audio interface where programed by
Thorolf Thuestad.

Marius Watz
Daniel Twang
Springer Kulturstudio
Union Bryggeri